4 Best Romantic Books to Read in Covid Times 2

4 Best Romantic Books to Read in Covid Times

Getting bored in Lockdown?

Now spend your time more virtually! By reading out these novels in your spare time and effectively investing your time.

If you are a romance genre lover, then do read out these amazing novels in this lockdown.

The Bride Test

4 Best Romantic Books to Read in Covid Times 3

The story revolves around a boy named Khai who is not good at expressing things too much and always believes that there’s some problem in him and he is a very flawed kind of a  person and always finds ways to keep himself far from relationships and marriage stuff.

His mother is very concerned about him and thus takes this matter into her hands and returns to Vietnam to find her perfect daughter-in-law.

The twist comes when he meets a girl named Esme from the slums of Ho Chi Minh City in the USA.

With days passing by and Esme is about to leave the States in a few days, Khai is forced to understand he’s been thinking wrong about relationships and accept the fact that he was making wrong opinions about himself and relationships. 

The Rakess

4 Best Romantic Books to Read in Covid Times 4

This story revolves around a handsome, wholesome, widowed architect named Adem who lives with his two children.

He fell for a girl named Seraphina, one night they both started confronting their deepest and painful secrets. 

But when Seraphina finds out that Adam’s future depends on the man she is about to destroy, she must decide what to protect for her desire, for justice, or her heart.

Not satisfied yet? 

The Roommate

4 Best Romantic Books to Read in Covid Times 5

This romantic love story revolves around a well-mannered, passionate and predictable girl named Clara. One day her childhood crush invites her to move across the country.

When she moved to another country, she had to share the room with a charming, very handsome boy named Josh on lease.

Josh was a full package of everything a girl wants in a boy. He was a very handsome, caring, well-mannered, and career-oriented boy.

After living with him, Clara realizes living with him might make her Wheaton’s most defamatory story to date!

They didn’t use to agree on many things, but the one thing that came in common of both of them as they both felt that women deserve better sex.

Grasp this book now to check out what happened next!

The Love Square

4 Best Romantic Books to Read in Covid Times 6

This story revolves around a passionate woman who has everything despite her love life. She met 3 boys and three of her relationships didn’t work out the way it was supposed to be.

She fails in her love life many times but despite that, she is very passionate about her work and very affectionate towards her friends and family.

If you are a lover of women’s fiction and like to read about strong women protagonists then you will enjoy this story.


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