Top Fiction Books to read in lockdown 2021 2

Top Fiction Books to read in lockdown 2021

Getting bored in Lockdown?

Now spend your time more virtually! By reading out these novels in your spare time and effectively investing your time.

If you are a fiction genre lover, then do read these novels in lockdown 2021.

1. The Vanishing Half

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This fiction genre novel is based on the story of two identical twins Stella and Desiree who were raised in Mallard who also lost their father in 1940. After their father’s demise, they both moved to New Orleans at the age of 16.

 After a certain period, Stella disappeared abruptly. After a few years, Desiree left her abusive marriage where she was not respected at all and moved back to Mallard with her 8-year-old daughter Jude. 

After a few years, Jude got a scholarship from the University of California and moved to Los Angeles. Besides studying she also started doing a part-time job as a Caterer at Beverly Hills. 

One day, an appalling incident took place in Jude’s life. She saw a woman who was her mother’s doppelganger. That woman was no one else but Stella who had disappeared a few years back. 

Grab this book now to know what happened next. 

Will Desiree and Stella meet or reunite again?

2. The Tuscan Child

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The story of this novel takes you back to the time of 1940s where a British bomber pilot, Hugo Langley landed into the verdant fields of Germany occupied- Tuscany in a very badly wounded state. 

There he met a lady named Sofia Bartoli who sheltered him for a few days and helped him to heal his wounds as he was very badly injured. But Hugo didn’t know that this treatment wouldn’t last for many days.

After almost 30 years Hugo’s daughter Joanna returned to her home to arrange his father’s funeral. After going through all of her dad’s stuff she got a letter which was addressed to Sofia. Where she got to know Sophia and her dad had a child together. 

Soon after she decides to go to Tuscany to find out more answers to her questions which were arising after reading that letter.

Find out these answers by reading this book this lockdown along with Joanna.

Not satisfied yet? We have still some more!!

3. The Midnight Library

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The story revolves around a thirty-year-old woman Nora who is very regretful of her life because of her wrong decisions and feels very depressed and unwanted in life.

One day she goes to a library where each book represents some variation of what her life could have been if she didn’t take those wrong decisions. 

As many books she kept on reading she discovered where she had been wrong in her life, and what her career, relationships could have been if she had used her brain in the right way. 

4. The Orphan Keeper

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The story revolves around a seven-year-old boy Chellamuthu who is kidnapped from his village in India who is later on sold to a Christian Orphanage and then later on adopted by an unwary couple in the United States. 

It took months to learn English and tell the couple that he already had parents in India. Later on, the couple tried to find his family but didn’t find anything.

So, the couple decided to name him Taj Khyber Rowland and got him enrolled in school for his education. 

After a few years, he meets a girl named Priya and decides to get married to her who helps him unveil the secrets of his past which he has forgotten.

As soon as he remembered everything he decided to go back to India and find his family.

 But will I be able to do so? Will destiny make him meet his family?

Check out this book now and see whether Taj would be able to meet his family or not! 

Happy Reading!

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