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16 Best Ergonomic Desk Chair for Home Office Setup

Office hours are filled with hectic schedules which can easily bring out fatigue and reduce your productivity, especially if your desk chair is not able to provide you comfort. 

A good and comfortable ergonomic desk chair can always increase productivity and help you work for longer hours with ease. Chair thus assumes an important position in your home office furniture list

Given the number of options we have today in desk chairs that are marketed by manufacturers under the ‘Ergonomic’ category, it really gets difficult to buy the right Chair which is Ergonomic in true means. 

There can be few designer plastic chairs that look great but they stay comfortable only during 30 mins of coffee chat sit down but may cause pain and ache during long office hours. Thus buying an ergonomic desk chair is the best gift you can give to your back this year 

How to Choose the Perfect Ergonomic Desk Chair?

Ergonomics is about designing commodities or circumstances to make them safe and comfortable for people to use. An ergonomic workspace is one that is designed to suit your personal needs, allowing you to work in a convenient and safe way.

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Choosing a Comfortable office desk chair becomes important as you end up spending your max work time sitting on this furniture. 

While buying an ergonomic desk chair for your home office setup, follow a few simple rules – 

  1. Purchase your chair with a 5-star base as it has less risk of tilting over. 
  1. Check for adjustments in your desk chair like Arm Adjustments, Seat Adjustments and headrests that allow you to adjust and make you comfortable when leaning back or sideways

Look out for following features in your ergonomic desk chair like –

  1. Lumbar Support – the curve in the back of the ergonomic chair to support your lower spine following the natural curve of your lower back
  1. Seat Depth – So that you can place your body comfortably and align you back with the lumbar support of the ergonomic desk chair while also leaving an inch or two between the back of your knees and the seat
  1. Adjustable Armrests – so that you can place your arms and align them parallelly with the desk
  1. Adjustable Chair height – to adjust the height of the chair as per your height
  1. Material – You can prefer a durable mesh here as it dissipates heat and stops perspiration. However, preference can vary

Most desk chairs these days have universal sizing and work for 85% or more of people. But some chairs come in sizes, so be mindful that the chair you are purchasing fits your body size

Considering the above parameters, we have shortlisted the following Best Ergonomic Office Chair for your home office setup or for office usage. Most of them are from  amazon office chairs store 

The Ergonomic Chairs listed below comes from various pricing segments – Few are well below 150$ while Few above 800$ so that you have multiple options to choose from depending on your budget and usage.

Lets explore this roundup and choose the most comfortable ergonomic chair for your home office setup. 

Ergonomic White Desk Chair by GM Seating – High Back White Office Chair

Dimensions – 29.1 x 27.6 x 46.5 inches | Weight Capacity – 250 lbs  | Warranty – 5 Yrs Manufacturing Warranty 

The GM Seating Ergolux High back White Office Chair offers all the comfort one wishes during a hectic work schedule or working hours. 

3d adjustable arms and seat slide makes it easy for taller as well as shorter people to arrange a good sitting arrangement for them. You do not need to worry about your back pain issues as the lumbar support it provides helps in improved functioning throughout the day.

16 Best Ergonomic Desk Chair for Home Office Setup 2
  • Noteworthy features of this chair include back angle adjustment, Synchro-tilt, Seat height adjustment, seat depth adjustment, and Arm Height Adjustment that helps to work more effectively and efficiently.
  • The genuine leather material used gives it a highly professional look and enhances the personal branding aspects making it a worthy purchase in leather chair category of white office chair

Equipped with all the ergonomic features, this white desk chair with an ergonomic high back, modern design, and color gives an edge to your professionalism. Definitely a great collection and a good buy from Amazon Ergonomic Office Chairs store

Also, Try Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion for Office Chair

Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Seat Depth 16-18 inch | Total height -33.75-40.75 inch | Weight Capacity – 330 lbs | Warranty 12-year | Lumbar Support at Extra $70 

Made in the USA, this beautiful looking chair designed in suspension bridge structure is the one to look out for. The Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair is one desk chair that would definitely add value to your home office.

Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Desk Chair
  • It is equipped with the 3D Intelligent back that helps in stretching and providing functional support
  • The features of this chair include a tilt limiter with seat angle adjustment to provide the freedom of movement, fully adjustable arms, back support, seat depth

When it comes to the looks and build design, the chair has a beautiful design with a black base and black Y- Tower, Carpet casters, and the build quality is something one can trust upon. The chair is durable with all essential features which make it perfect to buy for desk chair needs

Sayl chair comes with variations like fixed vs adjustable seat depth, fixed arm vs Height-adjustable arms, and Adjustable Lumbar support vs No support. Adjustable lumbar support comes at an additional cost of 70$ while fixed arms may cost you $40 more. Please check the product description before choosing

Steelcase Amia Task Chair – Most Comfortable Office Chair

Dimensions – 23 x 27 x 39 inches  | Weight Capacity – 400 pounds  | Warranty – 12 Yrs | Multiple Colors available

This is a versatile chair for your home office set up that has specially engineered geometric design that helps in keeping your back aligned all over the day.

The smart fit feature with smooth seat contours flexible seat edges provides maximum ergonomic support all over your body by reducing pressure on your back and legs 

You can easily modify the back lock settings and change your position for long term comfort. 

Amia Task Chair Ergonomic Desk Black chair with high back
  • This chair allows wides range of movements by making smart adjustments in this ergonomic chair in the form of varying seat height, regulating Seat depth and adjusting armrests
  • Its four-way adjustable arms move side to side, up and down, back and forth that provides support in all body postures. protects arm, elbow, or neck twists.

An ergonomic home office chair with wide color options and an element of elegance, this chair is less expensive than other Steelcase models and has effectual features that justify your purchase.

Whether it’s the conference room, a personal workstation, or the home office setup, the ingenious design of the Amia office Task chair fits into any work environment.

Upgrade your home office setup with this modern looking chair with sharp contours and minimalist designs that is supplemented with ergonomic engineering. Definitely a must buy in this work from the home season! 

Steelcase Leap Fabric – Ergonomic Black Office Chair

Dimensions:  24.75 x 27 x 43.5 inches  | Weight Capacity: 500 Pounds | Warranty: Lifetime

Uniquely designed by Steelcase with an ergonomic design, this office desk chair for your home office setup doesn’t trade off on quality and focuses to support natural body movements functionally 

Even while you are working for long hours in the same position it can help you to recline comfortably and stay attentive while supporting your natural movements.

Steelcase leap fabric Ergonomic Desk chair
  • This Black office chair is made up of 30% recycled  content and has Liveback  lumbar support that mimics the natural spine shape
  • Having a weight capacity of 300lbs this 850$ ergonomic desk chair from Steelcase has an exceptional range of adjustments owing to its liveback technology

With Adjustable armrests, pneumatic seat-height adjustment, and ergonomic design, this 850$ black office chair can be a good addition to your home office set up while you work from home. 

Explore all Steelcase Leap Chair Store. Also Check out this Youtube video for Ergonomic Leap Chair Adjustments

Steelcase Think Chair – Reclining Desk Chair

Dimensions – 28.5 * 24 * 37.5 | Seat Depth 18 inch | Weight Capacity 400 lbs

Steelcase Think Chair is an adjustable office desk chair that understands your body needs and provides the ergonomic support

With an advanced weight-activated seat and liveback system that provides lumbar support to your back, this ergonomic desk chair is a popular product coming from Steelcase chair designers. 

Steelcase Think Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair with Mesh
  • Steelcase Think chair has a high level of adjustability. It quickly adapts to your natural movements and has simple controls and armrest adjustments
  • With a translucent 3D knit back and multiple color options to choose for, this Steelcase think blue office chair is sustainable, recycled and designed to go with a home office setup or corporate environment

Humanscale Chair – Reclining Desk Chair

Dimensions – 29 x 25 x 27 inches | Weight Capacity – 330 lbs

Feature-packed with functional ergonomics along with care for the environment Humanscale chair stands distinguished from many others. 

The Humanscale Freedom Chair is a good choice for home office setup as it adds up to the element of sustainability. 

When it comes to features, the Humanscale freedom chair comes with a counter-balance mechanism to ensure perfect recline resistance. The armrests are synchronous that stays with you during recline ensuring a supported balance. 

It’s virtually fit for any body size due to its independently adjustable seat and headrest. Another distinguishing feature of the chair is its dynamic headrest that cradles the head and neck during recline. 

The Freedom chair is environment friendly. It is made up of 62% recycled content and is 90% recyclable. It is made up of only 132 parts when compared to other chairs having around 250 parts. The chair comes with a modular cushion that is easily replaceable. 

This 1000$ range Humanscale Freedom chair is the top choice for those who love the comfort and also for those who love nature.

Herman Miller Embody Chair

Designed by experts, this Herman Miller Embody Chair is a marvel of engineering that mimics your spine in the most beautiful way. 

Best suited to typical American body shape and size, Herman Miller Embody chair delivers natural alignment and ergonomic elements in each chair adjustments you make

The ergonomic natural design  of Embody chair  allows free movements of the human body thereby preventing fatigue and stiffness while you work

16 Best Ergonomic Desk Chair for Home Office Setup 5
Herman Miller Embody Chair

The backrest of the embody chair is designed like a human back with a central spine and flexible ribs that align with the natural contours of the human body and positions the spine along a natural curve

Embody’s back and seat material is build of pixelated structure to support the micro-movements of your body. This pixelated structure distributes pressure and body eright evenly across the surface

Every part of the chair is designed to serve a purpose – be it the layered seat cushioning, lumbar support or chair adjustments, Embody perfectly portrays the art and science of ergonomic seating

At 1500$, Embody is definitely pricey but the aura and style it brings to your workspace along with comfort to your spine, Embody rightfully deserves to bear the tag of most comfortable ergonomic office chair

Check offer Price at Amazon!

Steelcase Gesture Chair – Most Comfortable Office Chair

Dimensions – 24 x 35 x 45 inches  | Seat Depth – 24 Inch | Weight Capacity – 400 Pounds | Warranty 12 Yrs | DIY Set up | Lumbar Support

Made in the USA, this ergonomic desk chair can be a great addition to your Home office setup. 

The unique design of this chair is inspired by the human body shape and thus it rightly supports different postures and allows the healthy motion of your arms, back, neck without pulling users away from their work. 

Steelcase Gesture Ergonomic Desk Chair
  • Its 3d Liveback technology mimics the spine and ensures synchronized movement between your back lumbar support ensuring persistent relief to the entire upper and lower back of your body
  • It provides you with an ergonomic comfort all over the edges and supports your arms and shoulders in all body positions while using work gadgets

The headrest takes into consideration, individual head size, neck length, and desired range of motion to support a greater variety of size and shape

This Ergonomic desk Chair definitely elevates the sitting experience as you do not adjust for the chair, the chair automatically adjusts for you.

Steelcase Gesture chair comes with multiple variations – with Stool or with headrest so that you can choose the option that comforts you max

Let’s look at a few best budget office chair that is popular on Amazon store for Office Chairs 

Smug Desk Ergonomic Office Chair – Best Budget Office Chair Under 200$ 

Dimensions – 27.5 x 24 x 47.5 inches   | Weight Capacity – 300 lbs  | Warranty – 12 Yrs | DIY Installation

A good ergonomic desk chair for your home office set up should allow you to sit for hours for those long work sessions

This reclining desk chair under 200$ is built with reinforced mesh and provides maximum lumbar support which helps maintain a good sitting posture taking care of your back. The mesh is breathable and lightweight thereby helping in heat dissipation

Smugdesk Ergonomic desk Chair

This Slim and sleek looking Smug Desk Ergonomic Office Chair has well-padded armrests, Lumbar Support to give you extra cushioning and an Adjustable Headrest to give the right support to your head and neck. 

The additional padded seat and strengthened mesh back support fit the body curve and provide the appropriate comfort to your spine.

As per Amazon user reviews, the armrests are super supportive that makes it easy to rest arms while typing. Moreover, the tilt mode in the chair allows reclining the handles also the chair can easily be raised and lowered.

Definitely a great buy for an Ergonomic Office Chair under 200$

Alera Elusion Hign Back Desk Chair for Home Office

Dimensions – 26.18 x 24.8 x 15.75 inches| Warranty 5 Yrs

Are you looking for an ultra-comfortable chair that too under 200$? Alera Elusion Series Mesh High -Back Multifunction Chair can be the right bet for you in range of office chair under 200 USD

The Alera Elusion is furnished with a plethora of features to cater to the needs of your home office

Back angle adjustments and the adjustable tilts give the utmost comfort. The breathable MESH helps you keep your back with no sweat and all coolness. The lumbar support helps you keep your back devoid of any back pain

The seat cushion is made with premium fabric and also the waterfall edge always helps relieve pressure on your legs. The chair has 5 start base with casters for easy mobility. 

With Height- and width-adjustable arms, the build quality of the chair is very durable and long-lasting. 

For your general home office and tasks, the Alura Elusion is no less than a perfect buy in a budget. Under 200$ with so many adjustments and lumbar support for your back, it is definitely one of the most comfortable high back office chair with right ergonomics

Flash Furniture High Back Chair – Best Budget Office Chair

With its dual-tone black nylon and chrome 5 star base, this comfortable desk chair with caster wheels adds style to any space. 

The thick padded seat and breathable mesh material allows air to circulate thus preventing perspiration

This swivel chair rotates 360 degrees and easily lowers and raises with a pneumatic seat height adjustment lever to deliver the perfect control

16 Best Ergonomic Desk Chair for Home Office Setup 8
  • While the swivel chair’s adjustable headrest helps to support the neck, the tilt-lock mechanism of this high back chair allows users to enjoy a relaxing rocking or reclining motion while taking a quick break from working on the computer or taking office calls

With construction that adds to your workspace  style, this high-back mesh office chair has: Dual-wheel casters that roll smoothly over hard or carpeted surfaces

This high back office chair also comes with  waterfall seat edges that help remove  pressure from the lower legs.

Upgrade your workspace and add right ergonomics with this 150$ high-back office chair featuring an attractive contemporary design and built-in lumbar support to help keep you productive and focused during your work from home schedule

Alera Elusion Mid Back Chair – Reclining Desk Chair

Designed with a multifunction mechanism system with adjustable tilts, this elusion swivel mid chair makes your work from home schedule an easy job!

Alera Elusion Mid Back Office Chair

This ergonomic desk chair has a contoured seat cushion with premium fabric that relieves the leg pressure during long working hours.

With a price tag under 150$, this ergonomic black office chair with mid-back support offers comfort and control for proper sitting.

Made up of Cool, breathable mesh back, this swivel chair has free-floating or multiple locking positions that keep your comfort on priority.

IKEA Marcus Chair – Best Computer Ikea Chairs

Seat Depth: 181/2 inch |  100% Polyester | Sturdy Comfy chair | Best buy under 200$

Whether you want to work from office or at home, this high back chair by Ikea is the perfect match for your ergonomic desk chair requirements

The safety casters have a pressure-sensitive brake mechanism that keeps the chair in place when you stand up, and releases automatically when you sit down

Moreover, the in-built lumbar support will provide you extra relief considering your tiring day. 

16 Best Ergonomic Desk Chair for Home Office Setup 9
  • Within 200$ budget, it is designed for your comfort with an adjustable and lockable tilt function and adjustable height that allows you to sit comfortably in different positions giving you all the stability and control
  • Made with breathable mesh, this Ikea Marcus chair can be assembled in 15-20 minutes without facing any problem.

With 5 star base and easy to clean functions, Ikea Marcus chair is one of those IKEA chairs that elevates the workspace with comfort and durability and gives you a good day at the office.

XUER Ergonomic Desk and Computer Chairs with High Back

Dimensions – 27.9 x 25.9 x 16.2 inches |  Warranty 1 Year

The complex work-life at times forces one to sit in a chair for the entire day and an uncomfortable chair can worsen your physical as well as the mental well-being during the work hours.  The XUER Ergonomic Office Chair is the perfect solution for your work life to be easier and comforting. 

The chair standout feature is the lumbar support with its intelligent adjusting design.  The armrest can be easily lifted using a button.

The chair is ergonomic with a curved surface with a breathable mesh and an adjustable seat providing the utmost level of comfort. The back adjustment up to 114 degrees and the elastic headrest ensures you can rest during your free time.

The ergonomics of this chair will never fail to astonish you and the superior build quality with a solid base made of thick steel will just let you feel for getting this chair. So if you want to make your workplace, a happy place this chair must be an obvious choice to look for. This is definitely a buy worth comfort and happiness. 

Duramount Ergonomic Black Office Chair

Dimensions -29.2 x 25.9 x 12.9 inches | Weight Capacity – 330 Lbs|  90 days money back guarantee | Rollerblade wheels | Easy Assemble

The Duramount Ergonomic chair is loaded with various state of the art adjustment features to ensure the utmost level of comfort. 

Ergonomic Desk Chair
  • Modern engineering allows you to easily adjust headrest height and angle, armrest height, and distance from seat, the lumbar support height, and depth, backrest tilt, or the tilt tension. 
  • With an adjustable Lumbar support and recline feature crafted on the thick seat cushion, this  ergonomic black office chair makes sure that your spine is not stressed while the long office hours

The breathable mesh gives enough passage for air to pass helping your back to remain sweat-free. The Chair is easy to install with pneumatic controls that will let you raise or lower the seat and tilt back the backrest or sit straight up. 

For 300$ range,  built quality is par excellence and won’t let you down as far as the durability is concerned. You can easily find the right ergonomic position that will allow you to work conveniently for long periods of time

If you are looking up for a quality chair for 300$ range, then Duramount Ergonomic Black office chair with rollerblade wheels for effortless gliding  (for Tile Floors) is definitely worth buying.

Sihoo Ergonomic Office Desk Chair – Computer Desk Chair

High Back chair | With Lumbar Support | Black Office Chair | Warranty 1 Year |  Provides Zero profit product accessories within three years of the warranty period!

Need to sit in front of a computer or desk in the workplace? Need a chair that helps you work for long hours without difficulty? If yes then you are at the right place.

The Sihoo desk chair offers all the features that make you do your work while sitting comfortably. The chair offers plenty of ergonomics as well as adjustments to cater to your comfort needs.

Based on the human body dynamic digital model, the Sihoo’s chairs are highly adjustable and give you the prime experience while sitting. The head restraint, 3D adjustable armrest, and up to 120 degrees adjustable backrest makes it the utmost comfort for your daily work.

The water flow arc design makes your thighs less stressed while the ridge on the backrest with close-fitting helps you in releasing the spinal pressure. The MESH adds up to the comfort by letting your back breathe easily with comfort and keeps your back cool.

The double back frame design assures the good built quality and durability. So if looking for the best budget office chair, the Sihoo ergonomic desk chair is the right one for you to buy under 350$

FAQs on Ergonomic Chairs

What is an Ergonomic Office Desk chair?

Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic office chair, or desk chair, is a type of chair designed for home office usage or usage at desks in offices – hence the name. 
It is usually a swivel chair, with a set of wheels for mobility and adjustable height along with lumbar support that  mimics the shape of your back

What is a task chair designed for?

Sayl Ergonomic Chair Herman Miller

Task chairs are designed to help keep the back straight and the weight off the shoulders, so that typing speed increases. Modern task chairs ensure an upright posture for back and minimize stress on joints and muscles.

What is the best ergonomic desk chair?

Humanscale Chair Ergonomic Desk chair

An Ergonomic Desk chair should be chosen on parameters like Lumbar Support, Seat Depth, Adjustments of Armrest, Seat Height and control that a chair provides.
While many chairs are today marketed with ‘Ergonomic’ adjective, true ergonomics are delivered by low budget chairs like Smug Desk or Alera Elusion Chair or Premium chairs like Humanscale Freedom Chair or Herman Miller Embody. Check out our review of Best Ergonomic Chairs and make a purchase decision

Do ergonomic chairs really work?

Ergonomic Desk Chair

Yes, they do. Ergonomic chairs are engineered to provide max support to your body postures. A good ergonomic chair should be able to mimic your natural body postures and provide the right support to your back, legs, and shoulders to help you work comfortably. 

Are mesh office chairs better?

Ergonomic Desk Chair

Mesh Office chairs provide a breathable back surface thereby dissipating heat and provide long hour support. Thus, mesh chair is widely preferred now are termed as modern-day ergonomic chairs

Is Herman Miller chair worth it?

Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller chairs are marvels of Engineering. Though pricey, Herman miller chairs have been known to provide the best ergonomic comfort to your body movements by mimicking the natural body postures. Herman Miller chairs like Sayl, Embody are known to have the best tilt and comfort mechanism. 
With 12yrs of warranty and price above 500$, Herman Miller chairs adds the right aura of style and comfort to your workplace. While you look at reviews, Herman Miller has always been the preferred choice for corporates, professionals, and individuals who have setup home office.

What is the best chair for sitting at a computer all day?

Our Editor Picks –
Best office chair under 200 are Smug Desk, Alera Elusion and Ikea Markus
Best Ergonomic Chair within 400$ are Xeur Ergonomic Desk chair and Duramount Ergonomic chair.
Best White Chair with High back is GM Seating
Herman Miller Embody and Humanscale Chair top the ist in premium category of Ergonomic Desk chair

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