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Gaiam Yoga and Fitness Essentials

Gaiam Store specializes in making yoga mats, meditation accessories, yoga pants, yoga kits, and many more yoga or meditation-related products, which will add more comfort and support to your yoga work-out. 

These products help you to lead an ergonomic and stress-free life as it provides a wide range of products that gives you the proper support, flexibility, and comfort while doing those brutal workouts.

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Gaiam Yoga Mat

Gaiam Yoga Mats provide you with the right comfort to perform Yoga with its perfect thickness, size, and texture to enjoy your first or even hundredth favorite yoga pose. 

A Gaiam Yoga mat also comes with many attractive prints or colors that add excitement to your every-day exercise routine.

Some of its wonderful products in the Yoga mats range are following

Gaiam Classic Print Yoga Mat 

These are lightweight and non sticky yoga mats. Comes in two sizes – 4mm, and 6 mm sizes

Gaiam Classic Yoga Mat 4mm

This Yoga Mat, which has a dimension of 68 “L x 24 “W x 4mm thick, has been manufactured to be perfect for use in both studios or homes. 

This product is very lightweight, weighing 2 pounds only, which helps to provide a cushioning effect to you to maintain poses and enhance alignment.

Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat Fitness & Exercise Mat With Easy-Cinch Yoga Mat Carrier Strap, Teal, 72"L X 24"W X 2/5 Inch Thick

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Gaiam Classic Yoga Mat 6 mm

This Yoga Mat from Gaiam, which has a dimension of 68 “L x 24 “W x 6mm thick, has handy features such as it is lightweight as well as thick, and it has sticky non-slip texture.

Gaiam Yoga Mat Premium Print Reversible Extra Thick Non Slip Exercise & Fitness Mat for All Types of Yoga, Pilates & Floor Workouts, Metallic Spiritual Journey, 6mm

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Gaiam Premium Print Yoga Mat

These Yoga Mats from Gaiam are extra thick and made up of nonslip material that helps you perform Yoga for a longer duration. 

Made up of NON-TOXIC & 6P FREE PVC and with dimensions 68″L x 24″W x 6mm Thick,  this Gaiam premium yoga mat is a healthier choice for you and the planet and free chemicals. 

These premium yoga mats are suitable for all types of Yoga poses, Pilates, and Floor workouts. With added cushioning and enhanced stability and grip, these mats provide your body to help protect joints

If you purchase a premium Yoga mat, you are also eligible for a Free YOGA Class.

Gaiam Jute Yoga Mat

Gaiam has Jute yoga mats that are made up of all-natural and eco-friendly jute material. These jute yoga mats are extra-thick yet lightweight and durable. 

Easy to clean, Jute yoga mats provide a dense cushion and support to your joints. 

Yoga mats release a very strong but harmless odor when first unwrapped. Please unroll and air out your mat for 2-3 days before use. 

Gaiam Jute Yoga Mat

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 Cork Yoga Mat – Cork Yoga mats from Gaiam are Nontoxic and Biodegradable Yoga mats. With 5 mm thickness and a no-slip surface, the cork yoga mats give you the right support and cushion for your joints

It is dual-sided – i.e sustainable cork on one side and a non-toxic, lightweight TPE natural rubber on the other

These Gaiam Yoga Mats will give you the best yoga experience and impress you with all its comfortable features for your body

Gaiam Yoga Block

This block measuring 9 inch L x 6 inch W x 4 inch H comes with many exciting colors and beautiful features 

This Yoga block has durable, supportive foam, non-slip surface, and easy-grip beveled edges, making it easier to have a firm grip while doing those challenging yoga poses.

Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block (Set of 2) - Supportive Latex-Free EVA Foam Soft Non-Slip Surface for Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Grey

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Its Benefits include:

  1. This block will help you in your optimal alignment and provide stability and balance while doing your deeper poses.
  1. It gives you the ability to modify poses while taking into consideration your level of flexibility.
  1. It is the ideal yoga product which will help you to extend and deepen stretches and will help you to increase your range of motion

Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

This yoga mat will help your child connect with their inner flexible and naughty form with their unique designs, making it more suitable for your child to use while doing their favorite yoga pose or play

Gaiam Kids Yoga Mats
Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is ideal for 5-8 years children with dimensions of 60″L x 24″W x 3mm Thickness; it comes with many kid-friendly designs that help to increase the interest of your kids in yoga. 

It has a textured non-slip surface, which gives your kids the firm grip they require while doing yoga. 

This yoga mat is also manufactured with non-toxic PVC material, which is good for your kids and the planet.

Gaiam Meditation Accessories

The meditation accessories provided by Gaiam make your meditation fun, easy, and comfortable. The accessories provided by them are:

  1. Gaiam Foldable Meditation Cushion Yoga Pillow

This foldable meditation cushion pillow has a large square base that provides extra support for your ankles, a built-in bolster that offers additional comfort, and it is incredibly durable for repeated use. 

  1. Gaiam Yoga Bolster Meditation Pillow
Gaiam Meditation cushion
Meditation cushion

This Gaiam Yoga Meditation Pillow has an all-natural cotton filling for superior comfort and  a handle strap to easily gra  it up. 

This Yoga meditation pillow  will give you the support you need while doing yoga.

  1. Gaiam Zafu Meditation Cushion  Pillow:

This Yoga Meditation cushion pillow has soft cushioning and a handle strap. The organic filling of the buckwheat hull comforts the body during meditation and gives the proper alignment and posture.

Gaiam Pillow

It is machine washable. The zip present outside allows you to add or remove filling as per your comfort

Gaiam Ball Chair

This Ergonomic Gaiam Ball chair is made to keep a balance between work and life, and it consists of a yoga ball (52cm) which can be separated if needed, four easy-glide caster wheels (2 of which are locked), one adjustable metal support bar, one air pump, and 1 exercise guide.

The ball used in this chair is the same that we use while working out, and it helps to activate your site and most importantly, prevent any discomfort of sitting for long hours while working. 

Gaiam Kids Balance Ball

This balance ball is the perfect alternative for a desk chair for kids as it is designed in such a way that it helps to improve concentration in kids and prevents boredom

This ball will also help give your kids the proper posture and is appropriate for kids aged 5-7 years with a height of 42- 51 inches. 

It has a weight limit of175 pounds, and the product includes a child-size ball,easy-inflation air pump, adjustable back support bar, secure metal ball holder, and easy-glide caster wheels.

Gaiam Essentials Balance ball and base Kit

This product comes with an exercise ball chair, inflatable ring base, and a resistance band, an Air pump and each of these items has a use of its own to give you a useful yoga experience, which will keep you healthy and help you lead an ergonomic life. 

The ball chair can be used as a chair while working in your office or home and as an exercise ball during your workouts. This chair is good work from home essential to buy

The inflatable ring base helps put the ball in place, and the resistance band can be used to exercise, which will help you keep in shape while sitting all day.

The birthing ball is made up of quality rubber and is anti-burst ad safe for users up to 300 lbs

Gaiam Interlocking Exercise mat

Gaiam manufactures premium and shock absorbing multipurpose exercise mat comes in six 23. 5″ square pieces at 0. 48″ thick each. It has a threaded surface texture, which will help you give you grip and stability, which will make it possible for you to do your yoga with or without shoes. 

Gaiam Exercise Mats Interlocking

It can be used in multiple ways like –

  1. Perform Yoga exercise 
  2. Childproof your Kids play areas – as these mats provide extra cushion and safety 
  3. Create Home Gym surfaces as this mat protects your house floors from the dents that occur due to gym equipment

Gaiam Evolve Balance Board for Standing Desk

This Gaiam Balance board has an ergonomic design that provides proper positioning, and with its honeycomb type of non-slip texture, this balance board product gives you the perfect base that is secure on both hard floors or carpet. 

This balance board from gaiam provides all-day support and comfort and also keeps your mind and body engaged. 

It also offers micro-movements which help in engaging your core muscles and increase your core strength. 

All these features will help you concentrate on your work and keep your mind and body fresh, and hence, it is necessary for a desk job.

Gaiam Posture Corrector

This product is useful for every person who has a bad posture and complains of back-ache. This product is a unisex product that helps in straightening both man and woman’s back and shoulders.

It allows you to reduce slouching, increasing muscle memory and keeping your back straight, full stance with the neck and head lifted high, and thus giving you the proper posture. 

The brace is adjustable so that you can get your desired fit. This product is light and comfortable to wear as it comes with breathable padded straps. 

It can be worn under or over your clothes easily.

Gaiam Deep tissue Massager

This 36 inches high density foam roller is useful for total body workout. 

  1. Thsi deep tissue massager soothes ache, provides deep tissue massage and targets trigger points and gives you relief from back pain.
  2. It has super firm foam construction which helps in providing optimal pressure and weight application.
  1. It is ideal for working out knots, kinks and tight muscles and hence is an excellent product for a full-body workout.
  1.  It has pre and post-exercise benefits, such as using it before the work-out will help you loosen your muscles, and using it after the workout helps you in relieving your trouble spots.

Gaiam hand Therapy Kit

This therapy kit helps you massage your hand and fingers, which comes with two sides   Side A and Side B

Side A stimulates blood flow and massages individual fingers, and Side B targets specific areas of the hand with pain. 

Both the sides of the massager helps in increasing circulation, reducing stress, and soothes arthritis. It has a non-slip, comfortable grip design, making it easier for you to hold the massager and get its significant results.

Gaiam Clothing Men’s Yoga Shorts

Gaiam also specializes in making lightweight, elastic closure Men’s yoga shorts with or without side pockets. These yoga shorts have a relaxed fit, which will help you to do your yoga workout comfortably. 

These easy fit shorts are designed so that it absorbs the sweat from your body and its quick-dry technology enables you to have a more extended workout period.

These easy-fit shorts allow you to wear it all -day long, giving you all the comfort and support you need in short while doing Yoga or playing basketball or simply lounging at home

Gaiam Women Shorts

This Gaiam Women SHorts has a stay-put waistband design that prevents it from falling or riding up while practicing your flexible yoga moves. 

These shorts come with Four way stretch technology help increase blood flow and circulation, support muscles and reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. 

The Gaiam fit gives you the fit you desire for in your shorts.

Gaiam Leggings and Yoga Pants

You can wear these pull-on closure leggings from gaiam while working out or even going out to do your chores. These leggings give you the perfect fit, which highlights your body and makes you look fantastic while you workout

These polyester and spandex blend leggings help you to move quickly while practicing your difficult yoga moves.

 Its quick-dry technology makes it possible for you to wear it for long hours with style and comfort. 

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