Best lumbar support 2

Best lumbar support

Working on the computer all day might be exhausting. If your office chair isn’t as comfortable as it should be, lumbar support can help.

When choosing a lumbar cushion, keep in mind that it should not only feel comfortable but also accommodate your lumbar.

It’s critical to pick a pillow that might stay in place when you’re sitting in a chair. A decent lumbar cushion strengthens the lumbar and protects your back by maintaining the curve.

If our bodies do not receive adequate back support, we may experience chronic back problems or develop bad posture. 

As a result, when selecting an office chair, lumbar support is critical.

Types of Lumbar Support

  • Fixed Lumbar Support: Fixed lumbar is a lumbar support that is permanently attached to the back support and cannot be moved or adjusted. Fixed lumbar support is integrated into foam, and while it is simple and generic for every individual, it provides greater ergonomic perks than no back support in any way.
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support: The lumbar portion of adjustable lumbar support can be manually adjusted to fit better the curve of an individual’s spine. Office chairs today, come with a variety of adjustable lumbar support options, including Height Adjustable, Depth Adjustable, and Firmness Adjustable.
  • Dynamic Lumbar Support: Dynamic lumbar support adjusts its depth and intensity in response to your posture, ensuring constant support. Some high-end ergonomic chairs provide dynamic lumbar support.
  • External Lumbar Support: External lumbar support comes in the form of a cushion. External lumbar and head pillows are less expensive than built-in lumbar.

Things to keep in mind before buying a Lumbar Support:

  • Comfort: Choose a product that is both attractive and comfortable to use. The cushion must be ventilated to avoid sweating. The cushion should fit on any chair, eliminating the need to purchase a separate lumbar cushion for each chair.
  • Type of Material: Memory foam is used in most modern lumbar pillows because it provides tailored support where it is most needed. The best option is memory foam, but you should also think about the pillow’s external texture. You should buy lumbar support that has a breathable exterior material.
  • Size and Portability: It’s unlikely that your lumbar support cushion will stay in place and give adequate support. In some circumstances, you may need to seek a cushion with adjustable straps to keep it in a neutral position. Lumbar cushions should be minimal in weight so that they may be carried around with you.


Let us now look at the Top lumbar supports for an ergonomic workstation

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Vive Lumbar Support – Roll 

Best lumbar support 3

  • The Vive lumbar roll reduces the amount of strain on the pelvis and spine by encouraging appropriate posture while providing comfort in any position. In addition to reducing fatigue and stress, the foam cushion promotes the correct position.

In addition to reducing fatigue and stress, the foam cushion promotes proper body posture.

This lumbar support is very light in weight and easy to carry around. It has a 32″ long elasticated strap that can be fastened to any seat for more convenience.

The 12″ long, 4.5″ wide firm foam roll supports the spine for pain reduction. Also, the foam remains in shape for its day-to-day utilization.

Its removable cover is made of ventilating material which ensures comfort throughout the day. The cover can be easily washed in a machine for customer satisfaction.


● Portable and small

● Relieves pain

● Incredibly solid support


Does not fit all kinds of seats

Amazon Basics Lumbar Support Pillow

Best lumbar support 4

This memory foam heart-shaped lumbar support pillow for chairs gives you a comfortable sitting experience. 

The adaptable design can be applied behind the neck, lumbar area, or anyplace along the upper, middle, or lower back.

Keeps you cool and dry throughout your sitting. It also has removable layers of extra comfort for customers’ personal preferences.

It has an easily hand-washable outer cover, that comes in black color.

It has 2 adaptable straps so that the pillow stays in place.

This lumbar back support cushion weighs 15.8 ounces with dimensions of 14.2 by 12.2 by 3.5 inches and comes in a 1-year warranty.

It is designed for the highest functionality and comfort to relieve back pain.


● Adjustable according to customer preference

● Has a fancy design

● Cost-effective


 Comes in one fixed size

Wedge Pillow with Adjustable Inserts Lumbar Support

Best lumbar support 5

This cushion has been custom-designed and molded to suit all body types

For adjustability, this cushion comes with a replaceable foam insert. You may effortlessly adjust the pillow’s height to get the perfect fit.

This pillow is specifically designed for different kinds of orthopedic problems. 

It’s also suitable for pregnant women, as well as for yoga and exercise.

These cushions are verified by CertiPUR-US which means it is made of natural material and is harmless for the users. The fabric of the pillow regulates heat and cools your back.

This wedge-shaped pillow weighs 1.7 pounds with measurements of 17*6*5.5 inches.


● You can adjust it easily with removable foam

● Chemical-free fabric

● Easily washable cover

Healthy Spirit Full Lumbar Back Support

Best lumbar support 6

This lumbar cushion fully covers your back, relaxing your spine and relieving both the upper and lower back. This memory foam-built cushion provides you with the exact amount of support required while sitting.

This lumbar support not only has two straps that can be altered but also provides two extra extension straps that fit perfectly in any chair. 

It comes with mesh for easy ventilation and a cover made of soft velvet.

This high back lumbar support is recommended by doctors for people who have sciatica pain, tailbone pain, post-surgery, or for correcting posture.

These pillows can also be used by truck drivers for comfortable long-hour drives.

This lumbar support is cheaper in comparison to similar products. It weighs 1.7 pounds with 11.5 x 8 x 5.5 inches as measurements.


● Washable and Comes with extra extension straps

● Adjusts to body shape


  • Might come with stitching issues in straps
  • Might be thick for some customers

Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair 

Best lumbar support 7

These lumbar pillows are best for those who have long sitting hours in Office. No matter how long you have to sit, this pillow gives relief to your back in all situations.

It’s composed of premium gel shredded memory foam that responds to your needs and keeps its shape. Because it is composed of high-quality fabrics, you won’t have to worry about it flattening out.

It includes a lumbar support belt that keeps you in place no matter how much you move. This works on any chair, including gaming chairs, couches, car seats, wheelchairs, and recliner seats.

This non-allergic, machine-washable exterior cover is appropriate for all seasons. 

It is completely waterproof, which ensures that the consumers remain moisture-free at all times.


● Both washable and breathable cover

● Can be used in different positions

Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support

Best lumbar support 8

This lumbar support weighs 1.5 pounds with dimensions of 13 x 4 x 13 inches and gives you full back coverage for maximum pain relief.

This high back lumbar support features a contoured structure that replicates your back’s natural shape for optimum support. 

This backrest pillow is kept in place by the twin elastic straps. Any chair with a back width of up to 32″ will work with the supplied strap extensions.

This memory foam back cushion has already been certified by OEKO-TEX to achieve its acclaimed STANDARD 100 mark. This indicates that every element of this lumbar support pillow is proven safe and harmless.

As it’s compact and portable, this pillow will come in handy if you are a frequent traveler

The pillow’s removable cover is also incredibly easy and convenient to clean.


● Supports lower, middle, and upper back


  • Bit Expensive than other pillows

Lumbar Support Pillow for Office

Best lumbar support 9

This back cushion is thicker and wider, allowing it to evenly distribute the majority of the bodyweight on the lumbar region

It is designed ergonomically to provide adequate support for your waist. This design reduces upper, mid, and lowers back pain caused by prolonged sitting or driving.

It comes with a 3D outer mesh that controls the airflow. It is of size 18.9 * 15.4 * 5.1 inches.

Lumbar pillows remain on the seat without moving or sliding due to the orthopedic backrest’s flexible elastic straps structure. 

Unlike other lumbar support pillows, this one has a curve and a waist gripping contour that holds the back all the time.

Its unique bamboo charcoal fiber allows it to be reused and maintains its shape. It is ideal for office workers, pregnant women, drivers, and students who want to enhance their posture and stay healthy.


● Thicker and wider in an area with Ergonomic Design

● Full back support

Comes with 60 Day Free Returns

LOVEHOME Lumbar Support Pillow

Best lumbar support 10

Memory foam with compactness and high durability provides the appropriate combination of firmness and softness for your lower back, disperses pressure, and relieves spinal stress.

The vented mesh cover circulates air and prevents discomfort from heat buildup. Also, the removable mesh cover features a zipper.

For post-surgery recovery and those suffering from Lumbar lower back discomfort and Spondylosis, this pillow is advised by chiropractors.

The backrest cushion in a car is held in place by two expanding belts that prevent the cushion from falling. Its optimum density compresses to take the form of your back, providing relaxation and relief from back numbness.

It has a simple design and is particularly recliner-friendly, making it one of the greatest options for use at home.


● Chiropractor recommended

Lifetime Replacement policy with 60 Days Free Returns


  • Might be smaller for some users

Elmara Lumbar Support Pillow

Best lumbar support 11

Made up of memory foam, this lumbar cushion is 17.75 L x 13.4 W x 2.2 H inches in size and weighs roughly 2.09 pounds. 

It is ideally suited for long car trips or long office hours.

This is a patented lumbar pillow created by Dr. Daniel, that restricts hunching and overhanging of the back, maintaining optimum posture.

These cushions now come with newly designed straps that  hold the cushion in place and don’t come off easily

This slow-rebound foam maintains its shape over time, allowing it to continue to support your spine and provide maximum comfort.

The memory foam features strategically designed ventilation holes that allow air circulation, keeping you fresh and cool at all times.

The cushion’s back is dotted with rubber, which keeps it from slipping and sliding while using it.


● Cheaper when compared to similar products

● Lifetime replacement policy

● New strap design


  • Might be flat for some users

Wrapping Up – Why do you need Lumbar Support for WFH?

For proper movement and pain-free living, good spinal alignment is necessary. Investing in an adjustable cushion can aid in keeping your lumbar spine active and pain-free.

A person who spends a lot of time sitting in a chair is more likely to develop persistent back discomfort. So buying lumbar support is beneficial in preventing back pain.

When selecting lumbar support, it is critical for you to consider the characteristics of various pillows. It enables you to purchase the product of your choice.

The lumbar supports listed above are the greatest options available. 

These lumbar supports ensure that you have enough strength, allowing you to live a freer and stronger life in the future. 

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